Raising awareness about the risks of mines and explosive remnants of war

The armed conflict in Ukraine has caused a lot of negative consequences that affect and, unfortunately, will continue to affect the daily life of residents not only of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but also of the entire territory of Ukraine.

The most important role in the implementation of the BBP/PO project is played by the volunteers of the local organizations of the TCHHU. Most often, project volunteer-instructors are residents of those settlements in which they conduct information sessions on mine danger, thanks to which the information that local residents receive from them is the most relevant, since a person who lives directly in a particular area is better informed about the current situation.

The Red Cross of Ukraine expands the geography of BP/PO programs of Ukraine among the Society's employees, volunteers and the local population with the help of interventions that correspond to the local context, needs analysis and are aimed at the most vulnerable categories of the population.

The society carries out information activities and informs about risks among the population regarding the prevention of tuberculosis and other socially dangerous diseases, and regarding the prevention of non-communicable diseases (healthy lifestyle for different age groups).